Dr. Martin is a financial researcher and businessman from the United States. This is his presentation at the 3rd International Covid Summit, May 3, 2023, European Union Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
Dr. David Martin Discussed Justin Trudeau’s Illegal Monopoly, BigPharma, CRISPR Technology, Tracking and the New World Order: https://rumble.com/v2k0492–dr.-david-martin-discussed-justin-trudeaus-illegal-monopoly-acuitas-crispr.html
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Dr David Martin discusses the University of British Columbia’s role in developing the lipid nano-particle technology used to deliver the spike proteins in the jab, as well as Justin Trudeau’s financial stake in his self-proclaimed “pathway to the new normal”. This is an excerpt from Vaccine Choice Canada’s webinar August 18th 2021. He alleges that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated international biological weapons treaties, engaged in racketeering, collusion, federal restraint of trade violations, market allocation, antitrust violations, and reckless – if not willful – mass homicide: https://rumble.com/v1570rz-dr-david-martin-gives-explosive-jaw-dropping-info-on-covidvaxxines-in-canad.html