Fully Live

It's How We Live

What We Bring

Kim and David Martin Fully Live. From their meeting in a volcano in Antarctica to their relentless pursuit of putting humanity back into humans, their passion and dedication is contagious. Bringing decades of global business, relationship, and authentic personal experience to each engagement, there’s no environment into which their perspective cannot offer transformative effect

How We Engage With You

Flowing in Gratitude…

We awaken to an understanding of the persistent, generative, and infinitely orthogonal principles that underpin perception

Enlivened with this awareness, we examine natural systems and model our activities on principles of light, magnetism, photosynthesis and breathing

Discerning our place in the Universe we decipher the code that is operating within us and finally step into accountability for how we show up allowing us to Fully Live

These three steps are facilitated through 3 successive multi-day events (ranging from 3-6 days). Organisations can combine them into a 7 day intensive.

The Outcome

With a clear picture of the 'who' and the 'what' about YOUR purpose, it’s time to breathe life into the enterprise of your life. Using your personal development, relationships, careers, businesses or social movements, we’ll complete our journey with manifestation of your Breathing Enterprise. Using principles of the biochemistry and physics of life, you’ll learn to build systems that are persistent, generative and are aligned with your Purpose

Dr. David E. Martin

Buckminster Fuller wrote of himself, “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of Universe.” For most people, their next question was, “Who is this guy?”

Proudly Presenting:

Fully Live - Charlottesville February 9-13, 2020

The first workshop of 2020!

What People Are Saying

Peter J.

The Gathering would have to be the most profound piece of learning I have EVER undertaken. By examining Natural Law and the actual process of transmuting light into matter, David allowed us to shine a light on how we as unique human beings show up in this world and we relate to those around us.

This is not a 12 Step program. This is not a ‘pump you up’ and ‘fake it till you make it’ workshop. This is REAL. This allowed us to truly identify and honour who we are - both our ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects - and in doing so, empowered us to make conscious decisions about who we want to be. This truly is a step towards bringing humanity back to humans. David and Kim could not have been more genuine, open, authentic and heart-based and I am still in awe of the how transformational this weekend was for me and others.

Heartfelt thanks to you both - I am SO looking forward to the next program and further implementation of the now more conscious me.

Sarah H.

How shall I describe David Martin? I might as well try to describe light. I could relay all kinds of measurable characteristics – wavelength, intensity, speed - but you still wouldn’t understand what light does or touch upon its essence. So let me try this. David’s impact is like sunlight. Energy, heat and illumination, even of the ‘dark’ corners, so that more life is generated. You won’t always be comfortable while journeying with David but this I promise you: You will be more awake, alive and able to fully express your humanity in service to life, in a way that expresses your true essence. And finally, you will see that that light is about awakening the most essential of human qualities that David fully embodies – love.

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