Where’s the World Going?

Church of Glad Tidings 1179 Eager Rd., Live Oak, United States

Join us for this Interactive Conversation about: Whats going Wrong, What’s going Right, and how we Release Heaven Into the Earth! This exclusive interview with Dr. David and Kim Martin will include details and strategies never before discussed with the public. You will not want...


SOLD OUT – 12 Senses Workshop

The Riverside 1724 Broadway, Boulder, CO, United States

Immersive.  Intrusive.  Evocative.  Sensual.  Alive. It’s impossible to Fully Live without all your senses functioning.  For the last 8 thousand years, we’ve gradually given up our 12 senses and our ability to use them.  They’ve been exterminated with violence, hybridization, religion, social and political tyrants,...