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What People Are Saying

Amanda G.

Dr David Martin gave me the path and tools to claim back my life! And find my real purpose.

His rare combination of wisdom, experience, generosity, patience, dedication to humanity and astonishing ability to communicate makes his consulting, teachings and courses potent and effective.

As a professional speaker and educator, I have spent my adult life focused on personal growth and development and a deep desire to learn - about many things but primarily to be the best I could be. In my 30 years of speaking and consulting to corporations, I have yet to meet a more profound speaker than David. His speaking and work really does give the audience the tools and way to change the lives.

Nothing I have experienced to date has come close to the insights I have gained about myself and the changes I have made by working with David and attending his workshops. In his course, The Gathering, he presented a model which allows anyone who is open to being their best, to get there. It is nothing short of amazing. It has given me the structure to truly and honestly ‘know myself’ which is at the core of joyful living.

If you have an opportunity to work with him in any way - run, don’t walk, towards it. Do the work, make conscious choices and travel the path he illuminates and your life will become better than you could have imagined.

For me, at last, I feel like I am coming alive again.

I am deeply grateful for what he has awakened in me and helped me remember.

Miles W.

Since 2005 I have had PTSD from my war service in Rwanda (1994-1995) where i was a peace keeper after the genocide. This came out of no where and struck me down with a lot of different mental problems like; sleepless or broken sleep nights (between 3-6hrs), waking up not knowing where i am, images that pop into my head at random times, mood swings, crying at nothing or things that have no bearing on me or my emotions, depression, and often suicidal thoughts. I have had four different Psychiatrists which have done little to help my problems. Since the course I have had a very clear mind, see things a lot better, can focus easier, the flash backs have subsided, the crying has also taken a back seat and best of all my sleep has gone from the 3-6hrs a night to between 7-9 mostly uninterrupted!

I cant remember feeling this good in such a long time, 13 years to be more precise. If you get the opportunity to do this course for any reason, put your big boy/girl pants on, grab it with both hands and with an open mind you will see your life change for the better and like me you will want all your friends to do it too!

Claire D.

It is not often I am lost for words, however, when it comes to describing the impact David Martin has had on my life, I am. How can I put into words the feeling I have when he enters my energy field and sees the real me, dissolving all the masks I wear and talks straight to my soul? How can I put into words his never-ending love, support, generosity, wisdom and knowledge that he unconditionally shares with me? How can I put into words the shift in my reality since meeting him? A reality that was once time bound, finite, restricted and owned to a reality in which I can be at one with source in a generative, infinitely orthogonal and persistent way and chose my own path.

David has not only changed my life, he has changed my world, my universe, my soul, my everything. And he did all this whist serving the other 7.4 billion humans on this Earth and countless other souls throughout the galaxies.

I am beyond grateful for the changes in my life since meeting David 1.5yrs ago and cannot reiterate enough the profound effect he has on me as he continues his mission of putting humanity back into humans.

Suzie B.

The gathering was a mind blowing workshop that took what I thought I “knew” and questioned the principles of life. It made me start to think about “what do I believe? Why do I believe that? Whom told me that? Is the proof true?”. I enjoyed the informative roller coaster of information talking about how life is created from the constant beginning. However, what had the biggest impact on me was getting to the essence of my being using the carbon atom template and seeing how my essence interacts with the key relationships in my life. Getting to this base model, involved an emotional journey of heartfelt reflection. Whilst my atom is definitely not something to brag about as my essence includes things like: control, conformity and rebelliousness, it allows me to perceive why my current reflexes come about in the human interactions I have. So much gratitude for David and Kim creating this experience for me.

Peter J.

The Gathering would have to be the most profound piece of learning I have EVER undertaken. By examining Natural Law and the actual process of transmuting light into matter, David allowed us to shine a light on how we as unique human beings show up in this world and we relate to those around us.

This is not a 12 Step program. This is not a ‘pump you up’ and ‘fake it till you make it’ workshop. This is REAL. This allowed us to truly identify and honour who we are - both our ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects - and in doing so, empowered us to make conscious decisions about who we want to be. This truly is a step towards bringing humanity back to humans. David and Kim could not have been more genuine, open, authentic and heart-based and I am still in awe of the how transformational this weekend was for me and others.

Heartfelt thanks to you both - I am SO looking forward to the next program and further implementation of the now more conscious me.

Sarah H.

How shall I describe David Martin? I might as well try to describe light. I could relay all kinds of measurable characteristics – wavelength, intensity, speed - but you still wouldn’t understand what light does or touch upon its essence. So let me try this. David’s impact is like sunlight. Energy, heat and illumination, even of the ‘dark’ corners, so that more life is generated. You won’t always be comfortable while journeying with David but this I promise you: You will be more awake, alive and able to fully express your humanity in service to life, in a way that expresses your true essence. And finally, you will see that that light is about awakening the most essential of human qualities that David fully embodies – love.